We utilize Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and
specialized Process and Manufacturing expertise
to ensure
your ideas are successfully executed into commercially
manufacturable products.

Shorten your time to Clinic and time to Market by utilizing
our proven Fast-Track Development Process.  Our resources
and value-added services are dedicated to meeting “your”
schedule and bringing your product to market quicker and
more cost effectively.

Creating products that can be easily manufactured starts
at the beginning of the design process
 Our manufacturing
experience is a key asset and the foundation of our design
process, ensuring your ideas are successfully executed into
Commercially Manufacturable Products, right from the start.
Ingenio offers a wide range of Product Design and
Engineering services
focused on helping companies rapidly
develop and commercialize their Medical Device technology,
turning innovative ideas into market ready products.

Working closely with you to bring the “right” product to
market quickly and cost efficiently
We create innovative
solutions and products with key features that are essential
to a successful product in today's competitive market.

Need help with your Injection Molded product design?
We specialize in designing injection molded products,
individual components and ergonomic hand held devices,
especially those with highly curved and complex shaped
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ph: 510 440-0400
What We Do
What's New?
Ingenio now provides Laser Welding and Laser
Marking services to expedite prototyping and
development of your Medical Device products.  We
have the latest pulsed Nd:Yag Laser Welders offering
full capability in 5W, 50W, 150W power ranges.  We
also have the latest Yb:Fiber Laser Marker for dark
marking of Stainless Steel, Nitinol, Titanium and  
Thermoplastic parts.

Call to learn more about how we can help get your
product ready for market quicker and more cost

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