Our experience covers a broad range of products, processes
and equipment.

Medical and Surgical Devices
Cardiovascular catheters and handles
Ophthalmic surgical instruments
Orthopaedic surgical instruments
Minimally invasive surgical instruments
Trocar and cannula systems
High volume injection molded disposables

Medical Equipment
Portable and handheld monitors
Handheld diagnostic instruments
Endoscope and camera systems

Drug Delivery Systems
Aerosol drug delivery, dry powder and liquid
Implant and bioerodible polymers
Solid dosage oral drug products
Controlled release drugs

Process Equipment
Liquid mixing and filling machines
Automated dispensing robots
Micro extrusion machines

Manufacturing Equipment
Semi-automated assembly equipment
Assembly tooling and fixtures
Ingenio has specialized expertise in the development and
design of Medical Devices, Surgical Instruments, Drug
Delivery Devices and Process and Manufacturing Equipment.
About Us
Ingenio is a proficient team of engineering
professionals with complimentary experience and
diverse backgrounds.

We provide our clients with engineering services that
combine sound mechanical engineering solutions with
innovative aesthetic design.  Our goal is total client
satisfaction.  "We always strive to deliver a final
product design with service that meets or exceeds
customer expectations."

Our engineers have all worked in the Medical Device,
Pharmaceutical and Drug Delivery industries and  
intimately familiar with FDA QSR and cGMP regulatory
Our Business
Who We Are
ingenuity   in•ge•nu•i•ty, noun
1. Inventive skill or imagination; cleverness.
2. Imaginative and clever design or construction.
talent   tal•ent, noun
1. Natural ability of a superior quality.
2. a group of persons with special ability.
wit   wit, noun
1. The natural ability to perceive and understand;
2. Keenness and quickness of perception or
ingenio   in•ge•nio
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